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Who Loves Steak?

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Season Ribeye with onion powder, salt and pepper to your taste. Heat skillet to medium heat. Do not overheat the skillet. Add about two tablespoons of oil. Because this HexClad skillet gets hot quick and your goal is to get a good sear on both sides of this steak, you could use olive oil—sear the steak for 5 to 10 minutes on each side. Depending on how you like your steak, the cooking time may vary.

Once you have a good sear on both sides, add finely chopped, fresh garlic and butter to your skillet. Cook garlic and butter for 2-3 minutes. Then add and sauté the fresh garlic sprigs. You should continue to gently flip steak while garlic, butter and rosemary sauté.

Tip: Don’t use a fork to flip a steak. You don’t want to release any of the juice from the steak. Instead, use a pair of tongs.

Enjoy and you're welcome!

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